the Sour Mash Experience


Sour Mash Tours is Louisville’s only guided, walking bourbon tasting experience. We offer an expansive and interactive tasting experience that no single distillery can provide, all while getting you acquainted with Louisville neighborhoods known for their unique bars and restaurants.

Our tour guides lead bourbon tastings through some of Louisville’s most vibrant neighborhoods at some of our favorite bars and restaurants. Each bourbon tour features samples of at least nine brands across stops at three of Louisville’s finest establishments for bourbon and whiskey lovers, all within easy walking distance.

Bourbon beginners can use the tour to find some favorite styles and brands, while connoisseurs can further refine their palates by picking out subtle differences and flavor profiles across the spectrum of offerings.

Everything you taste during the tour is of the utmost quality and specifically selected to be a part of the tour, with a lineup of spirits expertly curated to maximize the experience.